Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cost of living in Spain

Spain could get expensive depending on how you locate yourself.It is not cheap, that is for sure, and you must have a base of money in your bank account to survive. Everything is a subjective and up to the consumer. Theres a saying in Spain ¨ Is the one who possess more, but the one who needs less¨.

Expenses in food will be around 100€ monthly, not taking into consideration special meals that can rise up this amount. Also for transportation you will be looking at buying the bus pass, it is called Bono Bus, its a card you buy and you refill it each month, it will give you 30 trips, good thing about the Bono Bus is that it charges you for your first trip and within an hour you are free of charge, once the hour is up you will have to pay again.

Finding a place to rent: You can find a place to rent with really good deals, it really all depends on you, prices can range from 150-400 euros a month, this would include a washing machine, a bed and so on. Below i have provided a link for you:
This is a Student residence where you can meet lots of new people, specially if your a student like me.

Moving on, Spains night life is really variable in terms of money. In Madrid, Barcelona or important cities, the parties are more expensive than in other spanish cities it also depends on how you party, where you go. For instance, Ibiza is one of the most expensive Spanish cities for partying, and is very famous for it indeed,
but if you want a normal and amusement night, the cost could be around 20 to 30 euros per night. Once your night is over and you need a ride home, buses are available, you can also take a taxi, but it could get a bit more expensive.

There is some basic information for your cost of living, hope it helps.

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