Sunday, May 2, 2010

Internship in Spain

Hi my name is Josh Espinosa, I am a Business student in Canada that currently is doing my co-op (prácticas) at Ityis Siglo XXI, a company in Spain that delivers Internet content and social networks. The company owns Spain's third largest (according to Nielsen) website, Euroresidentes, aswell as the Spanish-speaking world's largest specialised social network, Mis Recetas, and several other specialised sites and networks, including a site for high school students, Estudiantes.

My tasks here will be involved with translating some of the Euroresidentes Business and finance section from Spanish to English. I will also be doing some basic accounts management and some administrative tasks.

If you are suggesting on coming to Spain for an internship, Id say your on the right track! So far I am having a great time and I am enjoying my experience here with my fellow Spanish friends. Spain has a lot to offer, specially if you are looking to improve your Spanish speaking skills. Each day my Spanish skills improve at work as i apply them to my working environment. You will gain an unforgettable experience, as for me, to this date it has been great! I encourage anyone that is interested, you don't want to miss out on opportunities like these.

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