Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reasons for choosing Spain to do a work placement

Spain is a beautiful country filled with many things to discover. Picking Spain as a work placement is marvelous, its culture is a European culture based on a variety of influences, also being part of the Mediterranean Atlantic ocean gives its food a great taste. Spain is located in Southwestern Europe, bordering the Bay of Biscay. The official language is Spanish, also called Castillian, and is the first language of most of their population. One of Spain's most famous Architecture is The Burgos Cathedral which is located in Barcelona.

Also, Spains spectacle of bullfighting has existed in one form another since ancient days, bullfights were very popular in rome, but it was in the iberian peninsula that these contest were fully developed. Today the bullfight is much the same as it has been since about 1726, when Francisco Romero of Ronda, Spain, introduced the estoque (the sword) and the muleta (the small, more easily wielded worsted cape used in the last part of the fight).

Chirnguitoos, something you must do on a nice summer day. What they are is small bars and food stands that appear along the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts during the hot summer months. Its a great idea to go out with friends for a drink or two and have some snacks.

Overall, spain has so much to discover, youd be amazed, history wise just makes everything in spain a bueaty. Remember its not only about your work placement but also leanring the culture and what it has to offer. So come to Spain if your interested, dont hesitate, you wont regret it.


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    Spain is a beautiful place, known for its people and cities. It's like having a paddle tennis court in your backyard, adding to the charm of the surroundings.